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Bad breath is a Common problem for both the Patient and the people around him, and it is often a symptom of other diseases, whether local or systemic.

Therefore, it is important not to ignore the problem and look behind its causes and treatment.

We will discuss in this article  the most common Causes for bad breath, whether morning or fasting or other ..

We start by talking about bad breath at the morning, Many people suffer from this morning problem, which is caused by bacteria on the tongue, as they feed on the food residue producing unpleasant substances. Saliva cleanses the mouth and removes the bacteria.
* During sleep the mouth naturally dries up and that is why the mouth smells bad in the morning.

(If you are a severely affected person, you should visit your nose doctor for safety.)

And here we turn to talk about bad breath at the fasting,  fasting for long hours reduces the rate of glucose in blood, In order to maintain this level with its normal limits, the body burns the fat, producing chemicals called smelly ketones that come out of the mouth of a fasting person.

For people with bad breath after food, some foods such as onions, garlic, spices and others cause this odor. The reason is that after digestion food enters the bloodstream and goes to the lungs and exits with exhaled air.
So chewing gum or mint will not do much to remove this odor.

Smoking is an important part of our conversation. Smoking is one of the main causes of bad breath. Apart from the bad smell that comes out of a smoker’s mouth because of tobacco, smoking plays a major role in periodontal disease, leading to an increased problem of bad breath and a second cause of bad breath in the smoker’s mouth. .

It is important to know that some types of medicines can cause bad breath, for example: nitrate used in the treatment of angina symptoms, and some chemotherapy drugs, and some tranquilizers ..
If the medicine is the cause of bad breath it is advisable to visit the appropriate doctor to take appropriate action.

At the end, we have to talk about the most important reason for bad breath of the mouth is the lack of oral hygiene, if you do not clean your teeth (and between your teeth), your tongue and inside your cheeks well and regularly, the bacteria in the mouth will break down the remaining food molecules producing gas Bad smell is the cause of bad breath ..
It is therefore necessary to clean all oral areas well and regularly.

It is necessary to enjoy your breath healthy and fresh by maintenance of good oral hygiene, keep away from smoking and foods with bad smell, and do not forget to visit the dentist regularly.


Ph. Nour Abu Ghaida