JollyDent aim to deliver a unique oral care experience through its products to every home in the world with competitive prices to let everyone able to benefit from what it is producing; not deprioritizing making profits; but what matters the most is to provide tools that improve the standards of living of humans.

JollyDent was created in the beginning of 2015 as an independent company that sells oral care products and has it,s headquarter in Damascus, Syria. The company first began distributing JollyDent products in Syria through the mother company “Hatahet Group” and in few months the products were available in all the channels in the country. The feedback was enormous and based on the company began to build an international portfolio to launch the oral care line in different countries, and that what we did. the signed a contract with a leader distribution company in Kuwait and Turkey following specific strategy that suites each country’s market almost 4 months now and repeat orders are already have been made in both countries.
After the success the company have achieved, it aims to expand its market share in different regional market too, and Lebanon makes a good opportunity to invest with such products and specially the JollyDent’s special toothpaste. The penetration of the Lebanese market will be done in a very tactical strategy because the market is very competitive in the country but on the other hand JollyDent knows what it has in hand which is a very valuable product intended to make an evolution in oral care industry not only in the Middle-east but also internationally.