Queer teenagers The Challenges and Promise for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth

Robert E Owens

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Queer children: The Challenges and Promise for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth

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Book Description

Packed to your hilt with residing narratives, scholarly research, and problem-solution situations, Queer youngsters: the difficulties and Promise for Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youth examines the initial challenges faced by today’s homosexual adults. You’ll learn just what modern-day queer young ones do to deal, endure, and locate understanding in a global riddled with homophobic intolerance. Queer youngsters is just a lens of quality which will help the typical right adult–and perhaps perhaps the normal homosexual adult–see things from a kid’s perspective. Its detail-oriented, well-wrought chapters offers you literally a huge selection of tales of teenagers that are wanting to define by themselves intimately and emotionally in a culture of criss-crossing judgment, stereotyping, anger, and expectation. Geared towards three target groups–counselors, moms and dads, and youth–this guide presents one to a number of interesting children, provides you with a glance at the entire process of being released, and assists you grasp the ability of queer recognition. Especially, you’ll read about:

  • Queer children and their loved ones and peers
  • The medical/health care profession’s effect on queer young ones
  • The instructors and counselors of homosexual, lesbian, and youth that is bisexual
  • How exactly to relieve harrassment, punishment, withdrawal, and loneliness
  • The consequences of familial denial, prejudiced counselors, and standoffish homosexual adults Being a young child is tough–but being a queer kid can be also tougher. Luckily, Queer youngsters can be obtained for students, ministers, instructors, youth- and health-care workers, and specially the buddies and categories of teenagers who will be working through the personal turbulence that too usually accompanies sexual and emotional meaning. Led by its upfront approach and resource that is practical of written , computer, and phone helps, you’ll observe that an answer isn’t as remote as you believe. See clearly, and relearn just exactly just what this means to again be a kid.

Dining dining Table of articles

Articles Preface

  • Acknowledgments
  • That Are Queer Children?
  • A Working Vocabulary
  • Summary
  • “Becoming” Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual
  • Experiencing Various
  • Knowing of Same-Sex Tourist Attractions
  • First Sexual Contacts and Dating
  • Self-Identification
  • Summary
  • Appearing out of the Wardrobe
  • Phases
  • Summary
  • Challenges for Queer Teenagers
  • Just What Challenges?
  • Summary
  • The Unique Problem of Schools
  • Class Personnel
  • Curriculum
  • Harassment and Violence
  • Extracurricular Strategies
  • University Campuses
  • Summary
  • Results for Sexual-Minority Young Ones
  • Data
  • The Pluses
  • Handling the requirements of Queer Teenagers
  • Change Societal Attitudes
  • Provide More Part Versions
  • Teach Families
  • Eliminate Untenable Class Conditions
  • Track Juvenile Courts
  • Establish Special Tools and Schools
  • Start All Youth Products to Lesbian and Gay Youth
  • Involve the Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Community
  • Train More Knowledgeable and professionals that are unbiased
  • Organize University Students
  • Summary: Who Has the situation?
  • Counseling
  • Problems in Serving Queer Teenagers
  • Education regarding the Therapist
  • Getting ’Em when you look at the Door
  • Keeping ’Em There
  • Counseling Beyond the in-patient Teen
  • Assisting Suicidal Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Youths
  • Summary
  • Counseling for Being Released
  • Challenges to Being Released
  • Guidance Others
  • Summary
  • Parental Recognition
  • Recognition of the Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual kid
  • Recognition of the Partner or Lover
  • Sharing with other people
  • Summary
  • Letter to a Queer Kid
  • Who Will Be You?
  • Being Various
  • Just Just Just Take Pride in Yourself
  • Being Released
  • A Relationshp: A Special Someone
  • Gender Requirements
  • Picking a counselor
  • Managing moms and dads
  • Celebrate Yourself
  • Summary
  • Resources
  • Helpful Publications for Youth, Counselors, and Family
  • Videos
  • Online Resources
  • Talk Lines/Hotlines/Crisis Lines
  • Nationwide Companies
  • Youth Groups and Support Solutions
  • Pen Pal Solutions
  • Records
  • Bibliography